(English) 2015 China M-Health Industry Innovation and Practice

《2015 China M-Health Industry Innovation and Practice》
Promotion Letter

Dear Client:

Zhongguancun Mobile Internet Industry Federation m-Health Committee is a trans-regional, cross-sectoral, cross-ownership national organization。 The organization is focus on China m-Health industry’s integration, promotion, innovation.

In 17th April 2015, Zhongguancun Mobile Internet Industry Federation m-Health Committee will sponsor China M-Health Industry Innovation and Practice in Liangmaqiao Building. At the appointed time, more than on thousand national and international expertise in m-health sector from government department, m-health industry, m-health education organization, research organization, and investment organization etc. will participate in this event. More than 50% participants are director or executive vice President/director of China domestic well-known medical institutions’ information center.

This event is intended to present health care value chain of china, consummate policy environment, the technical knowledge and communication of m-health, Strengths to Leverage of m-health, and achieve -equalization m-health service. At same time this event will provide a corporation specialized platform for the m-health industry, government department and other sector in development and innovation.

The event content including health policy interpretation, industry practice, technique information, and business model. However, our purpose for this event is to drive the China m-health industry development.

We sincerely invite you to participate in this event, share experience with us.

Sponsor fee:
Company price
BCSHI group price

Product Price(¥) Package Price(¥) Date
Stand 45m²(5) 250,000.00 200,000.00(20%off) 17 April 2015
Stand 90m²(10) 500,000.00 350,000.00(30%off) 17 April 2015
Stand 99m² or above (11) 550,000.00 or above 40%off

Product Price(£) Timescale
Stand(3m×3m) 50,000.00 17 April 2015
Speech(20min) 40,000.00 17 April 2015
Roundtable discussion(one slot) 30,000.00 17 April 2015

Contact information:
Jackie Tian 田烯岐
British Chinese Society of Health Informatics (BCSHI)
Tel: 0086-18665783247
Wechat ID: e2health
Email: natalie.liao@ukchina-partnership-health.org
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