Chinese Cross-border telemedicine policy points by BCSHI

Cross-border telemedicine policy points as follows:

1. The cross-border telemedicine include: remote pathological diagnosis, remote diagnostic imaging, remote monitoring and remote video conferencing inquiry; health management APP does not belong to telemedicine, and therefore outside the health management APP does not belong to the “opinions” of the provisions of category; in addition, direct role in the implementation of the action class of patients (such as surgical robots) will also have the new regulations introduced.

2. According to relevant laws and regulations, foreign medical institutions can not provide telemedicine directly to the Chinese people, only through the territory of qualified medical institutions.

3. If the foreign agencies telemedicine offshore medical institutions must have qualified domestic medical institutions have the obligation to review, but does not require filing Guardian Planning Commission for approval;

4. The two sides must first Sino-foreign cooperative agreement, division of responsibilities and the rights and obligations agreed sharing ratio of the risk of accidents;

5. Foreign medical staff must rely on domestic and foreign medical institutions to provide telemedicine services, not allowed to conduct business;

6. Engage in telemedicine medical institutions must allow patients to have a right to know.